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University entrant must approve of handing of appropriate documents to the selection committee and correctness of information, which was entered to the data base of the university entrants. After deadline it is impossible to apply.

In permit, which gives to the university entrant, indicates the date and time of passing of entrance examination.

University entrant must come to the exam not later than 8:30 and should have only passport and permit. She/he should follow the examination instructions carefully.

It is strictly prohibit to leave auditorium during the exam. University entrant, which left the auditorium will not be allowed to come back. An exception to the rule in case of bad felling of the university entrant she/he may leave the auditorium accompanied by personnel and without examination materials.

In such a kind of case university entrant isolates from exam.

In case of she/he tries to sneak to exam or availability at exam of micro calculator, vocabulary, table, book, mobile phone, computer, intercommunicator, if she/he pass examination materials to another university entrant, prompt, to try to bring out examination materials to the outside, to refuse hand in examination materials after expiration of time of passing exam university entrant will be isolated from exam.

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