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History and culture of India and Pakistan

02.02.2018, 18:57 News 2346

The students of the faculty of oriental philology together with Youth Union held an event which was devoted to the culture and history of India and Pakistan.

The dean of the faculty of oriental philology opened an event. Dr. Omonov Qudratilla noted special place of such a subject like country study, which teaches to the future orientalists of the country. Thanks to this subject, the students have opportunity to become familiar with history, culture, structure of state administration, home and foreign policy, economy, ethnography and tourist potential of learning country.

The students of the Institute prepared artistic program of event that was in Hindi and Urdu. It included stage adoption from the history of the rulers of India, from Boburids dynasty – Akbarshoh and Jahongirshoh, the song which was sang by Norbutaeva Nodira, poems which was read by Yakubova Nurxon, Ismatullayeva Motabar, Tojimurova Surayo and stage adoption which reflected national culture, customs and wedding ceremony of people of India and Pakistan.

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