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Scientific research projects

Fundamental research projects for 2012-2016.

F-1-135 “Scientific and methodical study of the concordance of Alisher Navoi’s works”

F-1-136 “The role of Turkiс documents created in the Early-Middle Ages in the history of Uzbek statehood (diplomacy, sphragistics, paleography and questions of interpretation of the text)”

F-1-139 History and typology of Eastern literature genres

F-1-140 “Ethical values of Eastern philosophy and their place in the spiritual life of Uzbekistan (based on the translation and study of manuscripts)”

Applied research projects for 2015-2017

A-1-191 “Creation of modern educational literature on the history of Eastern countries on the basis of scientific research and critical analysis of historical works in foreign languages”

A-1-180 “Creating educational literature on translation and intercultural communication”

A-1-188 “Creation of modern educational literature on the theoretical and practical aspects of the socio-political development of the countries of the East and West”

Innovative project for 2016-2017

IOT-2016-1-15 Preparation of an electronic textbook “Fundamentals of Foreign Economic Activity”

Applied research projects for 2017-2018

OT-A-1-36 Creating frequency dictionaries based on “Khamsa” epic Alisher Navoi

OT-A1-38 “Literature of the Baburid era (based on sources in Hindi, Urdu, Turkish and Persian)”

Fundamental research projects for 2017-2020

OT-F1-67 “Typology of national folklore, national identity and place in the development of written literature of the peoples of the region of the Great Silk Road (Countries of the Middle, Far East and Central Asia)”

OT-F1-69 “Comprehensive study of Khorezm literary sources stored in the Institute of Manuscripts of St. Petersburg and the Institute of Oriental Studies of Oriental Manuscripts”

OT-F1-71 “Ethnolinguistic situation in the early and medieval Central Asian region”

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