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Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies (TSIOS) was established on the basis of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Tashkent State University in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 186 of July 15, 1991 and the decision of the Collegium of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 26, 1991.

There are 5 faculties and 25 departments in TSIOS:

Faculty of Eastern Philology
Arabic Philology
Iranian-Afghan Philology
Türkic languages
Japanese Philology
Languages of South Asia
Literature of the countries of the foreign East
Classical Philology
Translation Studies
Faculty of Chinese Studies
Chinese Language and Literature
Politics, History and Economy of China
Pedagogy and psychology
English language
Faculty of Korean Studies
Korean philology
Economy and Politics of Korea
History and culture of Korea
Faculty of History and Philosophy
History of foreign countries
History of the peoples of Central Asia and the source study
Eastern philosophy and culture
Social Sciences
Western European languages
Faculty of Economics and Politics of Foreign Countries
World politics and international relations
Economy of foreign countries
International economic relations
Economic theory
Mathematics and Information Technology


Directions of education and specialties:


  1. 5120100 – Philology and Language Teaching (Oriental Languages)
  2. 5120100 – Philology and Language Teaching (Classical Languages)
  3. 5120200 – Theory and practice of translation (in Eastern languages)
  4. 5120300 – History (by countries and regions of the East)
  5. 5120700 – World politics (by regions)
  6. 5120800 – Eastern philosophy and culture
  7. 5231000 – Economics of foreign countries and country-specific studies (by country and region)


Master’s degree:

  1. 5А120101 – Literature studies (in oriental languages)
  2. 5А120102 – Linguistics (in oriental languages)
  3. 5А120103 – Classical philology (by types)
  4. 5А120104 – Textology and literature source study
  5. 5А120201 – Comparative linguistics, linguistic translation studies (in Eastern languages)
  6. 5А120302 – History (by directions and countries)
  7. 5А120304 – Historiography, source study and methods of historical research (on Central Asian countries)
  8. 5А120701 – International relations and foreign policy
  9. 5А120801 – Eastern philosophy and culture
  10. 5А231001 – Economics of foreign countries and country-specific studies (by country and region)

Today in TSIOS study 2183 students, in Bachelor degree 1987 students, in Master`s 196 students.

Currently, 33 foreign students, trainees and researchers from 9 foreign countries (from the Russian Federation, the Kyrgyz Republic, Ukraine, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, the PRC) are studying at TSIOS.


Oriental languages: Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Pashto, Dari, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Uighur

Western languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian



– University of Tsukuba;

– Tokyo University of Foreign Languages;

– University of Hosea;

– JICE Center;

– Agency JICA;

– Toyo University


– Hanshin University;

– Hankuk University of Foreign Studies;

– Kangnam University;

– Kyung Hee University;

– Chungbuk University;

– Pukyong National University;

– Agency KOICA;

– Korea Foundation.

People’s Republic of China:

– Hunan Pedagogical University;

– Lanzhou University;

– Shanghai University;

– The Hanban organization.

Russian Federation:

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia;

– Chelyabinsk State University;

– Institute of Asian and African Countries, Moscow State University.


– Institute Ghalib;

– Delhi University;

– Indian Cultural Center named after Shastri;

– Vivekananda Scientific Research Center.

Islamic Republic of Iran:

– The Saadi Foundation.


– Malaysian Pedagogical University.


– Islamic University of Malanga


– Hanoi State University.


– Budapest University.


– GOETHE Institute.

Great Britain:

– British Council.



To date, more than 50 candidates for Doctor of Studies (DSc) and Ph.D. degrees in Philology, History, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics in the following codes of the specialty conduct their scientific work in TSIOS in the postgraduate education system:

07.00.03 – World history

07.00.08 – Historiography, source study and methods of historical research

08.00.01 – Economic Theory

08.00.09 – World Economy

09.00.03 – History of Philosophy

10.00.05 – Languages and Literature of the Peoples of Asia and Africa

10.00.06 – Comparative Literature, Comparative Linguistics and Translation Studies

10.00.10 – Textology and literature source study

23.00.02 – Political institutes, processes and technologies

23.00.04 – Political problems of international relations, global and regional development

At the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies there are two Scientific Councils for awarding academic degrees:

  • Scientific Council DSc.27.06.2017.Fil.21.01 – specialty 10.00.05 – Languages and Literature of the Peoples of Asia and Africa, 10.00.06 – Comparative Literature, Comparative Linguistics and Translation Studies, 10.00.09 – Journalism, 10.00.10 – Textology and literature source study. The Scientific Council has been functioning since July 2013, and to date more than 50 doctoral dissertations have been defended.
  • Scientific Council DSc.28.12.2017.S.21.02 on specialty 23.00.04 ¬ Political problems of international systems and global development in the political sciences, began its activity in January 2018.

In TSIOS, the educational process is carried out in two shifts in two buildings: the main educational building, located on the street. Shakhrisabz-25 and the second building located on the street. Shakhrisabz-16.

All departments of the Institute are equipped with computers and, for the purpose of speedy management, all units are connected to the Internet; 50 classrooms equipped with multimedia

The place of residence of TSIOS students is located at Mirzo Ulugbek district, Ziyolilar St., d.33 and is designed for 220 people.

The Fund of the Information and Resource Center of TSIOS totals more than 58,799 copies of 13,580 titles of educational literature. In 2017, the IRC Fund was enriched with 340 literature titles (1,702 copies). In the electronic library, opened in 2013 under the grant of KOICA, modern opportunities of work with information resources on new technologies are created. To date, the electronic database of the IRC is about 10420 literature.

In addition, with linguistic departments there are libraries equipped with foreign literature. The funds of these libraries are formed by educational literature brought from foreign countries, such as China, South Korea, Turkey, Japan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Iran, Egypt, etc. Educational and scientific literature in foreign Oriental languages, after a positive expert opinion commission of the Institute, is introduced into the educational process.

At the Center of language preparation under TSIOS interested people can study one of eastern or western languages. At the preparatory courses of the center, students can study in specialized subjects for admission to higher educational institutions.

The main tasks of the Uzbek-Chinese Confucius Institute, which was opened under TSIOS on the basis of the intergovernmental agreement between Uzbekistan and the People’s Republic of China, is to teach the inhabitants of Uzbekistan, including pupils and students, the Chinese language, to provide practical assistance in upgrading the skills of Chinese language teachers, creation of new textbooks and teaching aids in the Chinese language, conducting seminars and conferences on Chinese language, literature, history and culture with the purpose of acquaintance with People’s Republic of China.

Under the institute functions one academic lyceum.

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Charter of Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies

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