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Scientific activities of the institute

Nowadays according to the modern requirements Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies realizes wide-ranging scientific activity for the improvement of the sphere of orientalism. At the university operates departments, scientific-research groups, scientists council, doctoral candidacy which are specialized for making research.

The aim of the university is to plan scientific researches and to trains qualified personnel according to requirements and needs of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which will be high potential, competitive, answers to the world requirements, important social-political, economical-cultural development, strengthen the law system of the country.

The main directions of the university in scientific-research activity:

  • The languages and language study of foreign Eastern countries
  • The literature and literary study of the foreign Eastern countries
  • Literary source study and textual study
  • Theory and practice of translation
  • Classical literature
  • The history of the foreign Eastern countries
  • The history of Central Asian nations, history study and historical source study
  • Historical source study and historical research methods
  • Economy of Eastern countries, economical relations
  • Political processes in Eastern countries, international relations
  • International systems and the problems of the world development

It realizes appropriate activity for the improvement scientific potential of the university. Particularly at the meeting of “Philologists council”, “Economists council”, “Politologists council”, “Historians and philosophers council” consider scientific directions of the university, discuses each scientific directions of departments and master, PhD and D.Sc dissertations. It holds a number of meetings for the strengthening of the education, integrations of education-science.

The department of scientific and training of scientific pedagogical personnel stretches responsibility to brisk up the work of researchers, to provide of defending of the thesis in time. It improves scientific-theoretical knowledge of researchers. It organizes regularly theoretical seminars for providing of deep knowledge. At these seminars make speech leading specialists of Uzbekistan.

There are Tsukubu scientific-research center, centre of Hindi studies by the name of Mahatma Ghandi, also 5 scientific centers “Researches of Eastern language studies”, “the literature of foreign Eastern countries”, “The research of social-political processes of Eastern countries”, “Economy of foreign countries”, “The history of Central Asian nations and historical geographical researches” at the university.

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