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History of the institute

History of TSIOS

Turkistan Institute of Oriental Studies was founded in Tashkent, in November, 1918. This Institute was the first and only Oriental Higher Educational Institution in Central Asia, that began to prepare qualified specialists for various branches of Oriental Studies both for Turkistan and neighboring countries. Teaching of History, Ethnography, Geography, Study of local lore, history and economy of Turkistan and neighboring foreign East countries, History and Law of Islam, Languages and Literature of East peoples. 234 first year students were accepted in 1918. There were taught Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Pushtu, Urdu, Turkish; local languages- Uzbek, Tadzhik, Kirghiz, Turkmen, Tatar; European languages – English, German and French. There were also teaching of Geography of Afghanistan, India, Iran, East and West Turkistan, Bokhara; ethnography of Uzbek, Kirghiz, Persian, Tadzhik, Kazakh, Afghan, Karakalpak peoples; History of Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, India and ancient ages, History of Islam, Law of Shariat.

Third year students were taught depending on specialization. There were such trades as Turkistan languages, Iran Philology, Arab Philology and Islam studies. At the same time Institute prepared teachers of Native language and History for local schools.
In according to official information 210 students were taught in Turkistan Institute of Oriental Studies, among them only 16% were children of local inhabitants. Five professors, twenty one lectures and some subject-teachers and probationers worked there.

There had been 5 300 books and over 200 manuscripts by 1922.

Turkistan Institute of Oriental Studies was joined Central Asian State University as separate faculty. The first dean of Oriental Faculty was A.Y.Shmidt. The Faculty had not been working for a long time. The faculty was reorganized as Pedagogical in 1930 and in the same year it was closed.

Though oriental activities of Faculty were not long, during short period qualified specialists were prepared here such as well-known linguists A.K.Borovkov, V.V. Reshetov, K.Yudahin, I.A.Kissen, R.L. Nemenova, famous historians and ethnographers P.P. Ivanov, M.R.Ivanova, M.Masson, V.A.Shigilkin, O.A. Suharyova, writers Muhtar Avezov, Sotim Ulugzoda, orientalist D.G.Vronskiy.

The Oriental Faculty was reopened again attached Central Asian State University (at the present moment National University of Uzbekistan). The dean of the faculty was appointed scientist, orientalist, historian Abdurahmon Hamroev. In according to curriculum History and Economics, Languages and Literature were taught at the faculty.

The Institute was founded on the basis of the Institute of Oriental Studies attached to Tashkent State University in accordance with the resolution № 186 of Cabinet Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan on July 1991, and on the basis of the resolution by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education on 26 July 1991 and became to name Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies

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