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Rector’s greetings

Dear students! Your central purpose are mastering orientalism.

It demands:

  • To be not only the person who qualify to the world demands, all-rounded educated, along with fluent knowing of eastern and western languages, culture, history, philosophy, economy and social-political processes, international policy of Middle and Far East countries, the person with deep knowledge, patriot, but also modern orientalist too;

  • To respect universal and national values, customs, to except with tolerance humanitarian and cultural sciences;

  • To improve intellectual and mutual cultural degree and to work on reaching of spiritual and physical development;

  • According to moral and legal norms to take the firmness in reaching of the aim;

  • To master the last samples of technical and scientific breakthrough which is compliance to the sphere which you choose, to be well informed with information in global network, to have ability to analyses it, to be ready to demonstrate own human and patriotic position;

  • To respect moral and legal norms to which you should follow as the member of society and to be firm of purpose, to make social interest higher than own and to become good deed, kindness and generous vital values part of your life;

  • No matter where you are it demands to set in first place an interest of native land, Motherland and patriotism and devotion.

I wish you to contribute to the development of the Motherland, to be dare, luck and good fortune in continuation the way of the world famous orientalists.

The rector of Tashkent State University Of Oriental Studies
Honored mentor of the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Doctor of philology, professor Mannonov Abdurahim Mutalovich

25.09.2017, 20:58 7996