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Department Oriental philosophy and Сulture

photo_2019-03-27_16-21-14 (2) Pulatova Dildora Akmalovna
Scientific degree and title: Candidate of philosophy sciences, docent
Post: Head of the chair
Reception hour: everyday (14:00-16:00)
Tel.: +99871 236 15 20


The department of Oriental philosophy and culture is in conjunction with the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies, the history of its establishment connected with the history of the institute. The department was established in 1991 year. Since then the famous leading philosophers and professors of the republic have been working in department. Currently, there are 14 professors and lecturers in the department (11 of them are in the basic state and 2 seats, 1 hourly fee). 3 of them are doctors of sciences, 4 candidates of sciences, also associate professors and 7 of them are young specialists who graduated from the masters degree of the department “Modern oriental philosophy and history”. Since 2001, in the department has been teaching the bachelors in direction of “Philosophy” and since 2005, in the specialty “Modern oriental philosophy and history”. From the 2015-2016 academic year, the department of Oriental philosophy and culture has been preparing a unique cadre of Oriental languages and philosophy, culture, and a bachelor’s degree.

Our alumni are working in different branches of science and spirituality of the Republic. In the process of teaching and upbringing of the department, students and graduate students are taught the methodology of planning and organization of spiritual-enlightenment work too. As well as in the department is learnt applying the results of the analysis of advanced ideas in the history of Oriental philosophy in the process of integrating the idea of national independence into the minds of students; to understand the essence of spiritual-ideological threats in the present-day world, to fight them. In the department was targeted to develop and introduce the analytical interpretation of the present situation in the field of studying cultural relations with the Oriental philosophy and culture, the study of cultural relations with foreign countries. Scientific research by professors and teachers is part of the general research topic called “Oriental philosophy values and their role in the spiritual life of Uzbekistan”.

The department consists of the department of “Philosophy and logic” of the National university of Uzbekistan after named Mirzo Ulugbek, the scientific-research complex of philosophical researches, the department of “Social and economic sciences” of TSPU named after Nizami, the department of “Social sciences” of TSUE and department of “Philosophy” of TREI, also The Institute of Oriental Studies named after Abu Rayhon Beruni of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as with the academic lyceum of TSIOS.

The educational-methodological, scientific-research and spiritual-educational activity of the department of Oriental Philosophy and Culture of the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies is directed on creation of educational and scientific research center and school on the study of Oriental philosophy and culture in the future together with the preparation of mature highly qualified oriental philosophers.

5120800 – Activity of profession of bachelors in the department of Oriental philosophy and culture education includes:

  • teaching of specialized subjects in the system of general secondary and secondary special and vocational education, as well as learned eastern and western languages;
  • working as a small scientific and scientific-technical staff in social and humanitarian research institutions and organizations and in higher education;
  • carrying out of professional activities such as archives, manuscript funds, information resource centers, publishing houses, mass media, various business entities and others, scientific-technical staff, editorial staff, bibliographers, translators;
  • work in non-governmental and government systems dealing with different fields of science and culture, government institutions, country and international activities;
  • organization and performance of translation work, editorial, publishing, promotion of national cultural culture, adaptation to types of professional activities such as intensive training in foreign languages, philosophy and other humanities, and guided excursions.

5120800 – Types of activities of profession of bachelors in the direction of Oriental philosophy and culture:

  • research;
  • spiritually-educational;
  • organizational-administrative;
  • pedagogical (in the system of general secondary and secondary special, vocational education);
  • interpreting;
  • includes consulting services, guided excursions and more.

Depending on the modern achievements of science, technology and technology, requirements of the personnel requirements, there may be additional changes and changes in the types of professional activities of bachelors.


5A120801 – Masters of department of Oriental philosophy and culture areas of activities of profession:

5A120801 – The Specialtiesof department of Oriental philosophy and culture – Studying the spiritual heritage of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the scientific research institutes, manuscripts, archives and museums, translation, analysis and scientific communication of sources; national cultural centers, state and local authorities; in the centers and departments of culture, spirituality and enlightenment, promotion of national ideas; research, spiritual, educational, organizational-administrative, interpreting and consulting services in tourism, public and non-governmental organizations; secondary education, vocational education and higher education institutions, as well as in solving complex issues aimed at developing a comprehensive human culture, developing cultural relations.

5A120801 – Masters’direction of knowledge and activities of profession in the department of Oriental philosophy and culture:

  • general problems of philosophy and orientalism;
  • the role of the peoples of Central Asia in the development of natural, scientific, social and philosophical heritage and modern civilization;
  • Philosophy of the New and Modern Period: the main directions and problems;
  • Contemporary Western philosophy: basic trends and problems;
  • theoretical concepts and theories about the interconnection of Eastern and Western philosophy;
  • interconnection of the Oriental culture and philosophical traditions;
  • translation and analysis of ancient and modern philosophical sources in the Oriental languages and their introduction into scientific dialogue;
  • transformation, trends and problems of national cultures in the context of globalization;
  • paradigms, views, hypotheses, methods and normative-legal documents on the development of cultural relations.


Types of professional activities of masters in specialty

  • Research activities;
  • Spiritually-educational activity;
  • Organizational and managerial activities;
  • Pedagogical activities in the scientific-pedagogical and secondary special, professional educational institutions at the higher educational institutions, retraining and retraining (in the established order);
  • Interpreting activities;
  • Includes consulting services and so on.

Specifically, the masters of certain types of professional activity are determined by the higher education institution together with the interested participants of the educational process.

Opportunities to Continue Education

Post-graduate students may continue their academic research at universities, as well as research fellow researchers and independent researchers at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and research institutes.

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