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Student residences

In order to provide housing for university students was founded the University  hostel in 1992. Today,  200 university students are living there.

The administration of the hostel together with the center ” Manaviyatva  marifat” (“Spirituality and Enlightenment”), “Murabbiylarkengashi” (Council of tutors), “Xotin -kizlarkengashi” (Women’s council), “Youth Union of Uzbekistan” and deans of the faculties perform the following tasks:

  • Organization of events of spiritual and educational values, which are devoted to the celebration of significant historical dates and aimed at improving the socio-political activity, the legal culture as well as the organization of sports – recreational activities;
  • Formation of students’ self-government system;
  • Carrying out  hostel activities involving deans of the  faculties and teachers to test the readiness of the hostel for the new school year;
  • Meetings with freshmen in order to familiarize them with the rules of the hostel;
  • Holding meetings in order to ensure compliance with regulations introduced in the hostel.
  • Ensuring compliance with the rules of the passport regime in the hostel and conduct outreach activities in this regard;
  • Consideration of the composition of the curators for the new academic year, approval of plans of work;
  • Providing lounges with necessary materials and equipment;

Ensuring and monitoring compliance with internal regulations of the students living in the dormitory.

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