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Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Scientific degree and title  PhD (philology)
Post: Head of the department
Reception hour: Every day (14:00-16:00)
Tel.: +99871 236 16 93

History of the Department

Department of Chinese Philology was founded in 1918 as a descendant of the Turkestan Institute of Oriental Studies. It is worth noting that during this period, the unforgettable impressions of the 20th century have left a significant mark in the development of not only Chinese studies, but also the development of world linguistics and literary criticism of our teachers I.A.Kissen and U.Mamatakhunova. Later on the contribution of the department was made by the senior teachers O.A. Vagin, N. Khokhlov, I.Rozbogiev, M. Muldakulova, G.I.Laryonov, N.Levushkina, M.M.Mologatova. At the beginning of the faculty, the subjects of Chinese Language and Literature were lectured by B.P. Peskovsky In 1924, the Turkestan Institute of Oriental Studies joined Tashkent State University (now the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek) as an oriental faculty. During this time, a great linguist Ye.D.Polivanov, author of the 304-page book, “Modern Chinese Language”, came to the faculty as a teacher of Chinese language. In September 1930, the Oriental Faculty of the National University stopped working. In 1944 it was restored. In 1951 under the leadership of the senior teacher Molojatova M.U., at the department of Uyghur philology,  of this faculty, the Chinese language teaching is being taught.

In 1957, for the first time in the history of education of Uzbekistan, the chair of Chinese philology was founded instead of Uyghur philology. The department was founded in Uzbekistan not only in our country, but also in the whole Central Asian region as the only center for Chinese studies in the former Soviet Union. By the way, in 1980, the chair was a Chinese scientist, not only in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), but also in countries such as Bulgaria, Mongolia, Poland and Laos. began to deliver the scientists. This means that in the 70-80s of the last century, the Department of Chinese Philology was an international department.

On September 2, 2014 the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-2228 was adopted. According to this decision, the faculty of Sinology  was opened at the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies. Chinese philology has been included in this faculty and has been operating under the name of “Chinese Language and Literature”. Nowadays this department is headed by O.Ochilov.

The education direction of the department on bachelor degree:

5120100 –philology (Chinese language)

Master’s specialty of the Department:

5A 5120102 – linguistics  (Chinese language)

Subjects taught at the department

Bachelor degree:

  1. Chinese
  2. Introduction to the Chinese language philology
  3. Chinese theoretical grammar
  4. Comparative grammar of Chinese and Uzbek (Russian) languages
  5. Chinese language lexicology
  6. Methods of Oriental Languages Teaching
  7. Fundamentals of Chinese Hieroglyphics

Master’s degree:

  1. Translation of Chinese political texts
  2. The language situation in the country of study (China)
  3. Theoretical aspects of specialization
  4. Basic foreign language literacy analysis
  5. The history of the study language (Chinese)
  6. Chinese stylistics

Professors and teachers of the department:

  1. Karimov Akramdjan Abilevich – PhD, assistant professor
  2. Ziyamuhammedov Jasur Tashpo‘latovich – PhD, assistant professor
  3. Nosirova Saodat Abdullayevna – PhD, assistant professor
  4. Hashimova Saboxat Abdullayevna – PhD, assistant professor
  5. Shazamanov Shoazim Ibragimovich – PhD, assistant professor
  6. Bekmuratov Ismatulla Nusratullayevich – PhD, senior lecturer
  7. Mustafayeva Samida Toshmuhammedovna – PhD, senior lecturer
  8. Mirzabadal Kaunbayev T – senior lecturer
  9. Sultanova Lola Akmalovna – senior lecturer
  10. Mavlyanova Umida Xojiakbarovna – senior lecturer
  11. Ochilov Ozodjon Mardiyevich – teacher
  12. Nazirova Shukriya Miyatovna – teacher
  13. Shamsiyeva Shohista Kudratullayevna – teacher
  14. Nazarova Sayyora Anvarovna – teacher
  15. Alimova Sevara Farxadovna – teacher
  16. Akbarov Baxrom Axmadjonovich – teacher
  17. Niyazmuradov Ixtiyor Baxiyorovich – teacher
  18. Yusupova Hilola Sa’dulla qizi – teacher
  19. Muxammedjanova Shaxnoza – teacher
  20. Artikova Ziyoda Zaynitdinovna – teacher
  21. Berdiyev Umid Shoymurodovich – teacher
  22. Lyu Bolin – teacher from PRC
  23. Jang Lijuan – teacher from PRC
  24. Chi Daojia– teacher from PRC

Partners of the department

  1. Museum of Literature under the Alisher Navoi Uzbek Language and Literature University.
  2. Abu-Rayhan Beruniy Oriental Manuscripts Center
  3. Confucius Institute inTashkent
  4. Academic Lyceum № 325 Yunusobod district under Tashkent State institute of Oriental studies
  5. Olmazor district № 309 academic lyceum under Tashkent State institute of Oriental studies
  6. Foreign languages academic lyceum under NUU
  7. General secondary school № 59 in Chinese language

International cooperation of the department:

  1. Beijing University of Foreign Languages and Culture
  2. Beijing Central University
  3. Shanghai University
  4. Xinjiang Normal University
  5. Lanzhou University
  6. Xian University
  7. Shenyang University

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