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Department of History and Contemporary Issues of Eastern Countries

ulugbek Abdullaev Ulugbek Artikbaevich
Scientific degree and title: PhD
Post: Head of the Department
Reception hour: Wednesday (10:00-12:00 a.m)
Tel.: +99893 506 72 05

History of the department

Depending on the specialty chosen by the student, the Department was created to teach the history, socio-political system, the state system, religion, historic geography, historic source study of Arab countries, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, England, France, Germany, Spain. During the long period of time it was headed by prof. T.Guyasov, PhD, and now it is headed by Ms. Yu.A.Ismailova, PhD. There are 4 Doctors of History, professors, 5 PhD holders, associate professors, 7 senior teachers and teachers working for the Department.

The Department prepares orientalists-historians with the degree of bachelor specializing on “the History (Foreign Countries’ History)” as well as Masters specializing on “Foreign Countries’ History (based on regions)”. Due to special attention to preparing historians with the knowledge of particular oriental and western languages, along with the history of eastern countries the history of European as well as American countries are being taught. Nowadays, the students of this Department are learning oriental and western countries’ history accordingly. During the Departments’ activity a number of scholar-orientalists, scientists were prepared. Academician N.Baratov, B.Ahmedov, A.Muhammadjanov, professors T.Giyasov, M.Bobohujaev, M.Nishonov, M.Kutina, A.Hujaev, A.Hasanov, Z.Munavvarov, R.Qodirov, S.Qosimov are among them.

The research is conducted in two specific areas: Asian and African as well as European and American countries’ socio-economic and political development. The results of these researches are monographs, scientific articles, syllabuses, tutorials and they will be presented to historians, students. In particular, such scientific tutorials as “The History of European Civilizations” by M.Hojieva and K.Azimov, “Conceptual Issues of New and Contemporary History of Far East” by T.Gitasov, “Peculiarities of Development of Far East (China, Japan, Korea)” by E.Pyanova and K.Azimov, “The East and the West: Structural Analysis and the Ways of Interaction” by S.Tursunova, “The Peculiarities of Development of Near Eastern Countries (Iran, Afghanistan)” by K.Hamidova as well as monographs “Tarihi Mullozoda. Samariya”, “Nizom-ul-Mulk. Siyosatnoma”, “Musahhir Bilod” by Sh.Vohidov as well as scientific articles “XIX century. The Rulers and Historians of Tashkent” were published. It is noteworthy that the team of the Department recently prepared comprehensive “Universal History” tutorial to be used effectively during the educational process.

Researchers and young teachers are in the process of non-stop learning. For instance, K.Azimov is working on the dissertation “Crisis and Conflicts in the Middle East in the Second half of the XX Century”, K.Imomnazarov is working on “The Making of the Mongolian Ethnos and its influence in the Central Asian Ethnic Process”, U.Abdullayev is working on “Amir Temur’s policy towards Middle East”, U.Noraliev is working on “The Reforms of Van An Shin in China in XI century”, Z.Qodirov is working on “Seljuq’s Policy Towards Middle East”, M.Sottiev is working on “Interconfessional relations in Syria in the second half of XX century”.

The Department is undertaking necessary measures to involve students into scientific work. Under the leadership of senior teacher K.Hamidova a number of gifted students is united into “Young historians” research group. In particular, members of this group regularly initiate scientific seminars, conferences on the history of Middle and Near East, countries of South Asia.



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